Woods Summer Wonders
Character Counts Contract

Woods Summer Wonders Camps

Character Counts Contract

At Woods Summer Wonders Camps (hereafter “WSWC”) we seek to provide safe, fun, creative and challenging camp opportunities that promote individual growth in academics, arts, physical fitness, self-awareness, responsibility, leadership, and personal, environmental, and social values.  To accomplish these goals, it is essential that all our campers and staff practice the values of caring, honesty, respect, and responsibility at all times while at camp.


Camper Acknowledgement

  1. I agree to follow the rules of the WSWC community by practicing the four core values of caring, honesty, respect, and responsibility.
  2. I understand that the camp instructors and staff are here to teach and model these four core values, and to further my personal development through their sharing of or their special knowledge, expertise, and talents.
  3. I realize that I am accountable for my behavior, and that the good choices I make will lead to a positive and rewarding camp experience for me and my fellow campers.  I further realize that if I make poor choices, I limit my own camp experience, take my instructor’s time away from his/her job of enriching the lives of all camp attendees, and diminish the learning and fun for the other campers.
  4. I accept that if I cannot or will not conform to the camp policies and rules, it will become necessary for me to leave camp immediately to protect my fellow campers and ensure that they have the best camp experience possible.
  5. I acknowledge that I have read, thought about, and discussed with my parents, the four core values set forth below, and that I and my parents (or guardians) agree that these values will be respected and followed throughout my time at WSWC.




We care for and about one another, and make good choices that ensure the physical and emotional welfare of each other.

We care for ourselves, so we take all prescribed medication sent to camp for us, but do not take illegal (or unprescribed)

drugs or drink alcohol, or come to camp under the influence of either.

We care for and about the Woods Charter School facility, equipment, buses, and surrounding environment.




We tell the truth, and accept responsibility for our words and actions.

We treat each other fairly, and follow the rules.

We are honest with ourselves, ask for help when we need it, and help another when it appears they need it.

We “do the right thing” because it’s right – not because someone’s watching



We respect the school building, its play equipment, grounds and buses.

We respect each other, and speak to each other nicely.

We respect our camp instructors and staff, and follow their directions.

We respect our environment and put trash in the garbage cans.



We take responsibility for our words by not using curse words, foul language, hurtful words, or talking about inappropriate topics.

We always ask permission before leaving our classroom or group.


Camper’s Commitment:  I want to attend Woods Summer Wonders Camps.  I agree to follow the camp rules.  I will follow the instructions of my instructor and other camp staff, and keep myself and others safe.  I will do my very best to make this a great camp experience for my fellow campers and myself.  While at camp, I will behave according to the four core values of Caring, Honesty, Respect and Responsibility.  I understand that if I choose not to live up to these values, I can be removed from camp without a refund.



Parent’s Commitment:  I wish to have my child attend WSWC, and have discussed the camp rules and core values with him/her.  I have read the WSWC policies, and read the “Character Counts” contract with my child.  Both my child and I agree to adhere to these policies, and understand that the refund policy is:  no refunds for campers removed from camp as the result of disciplinary action.





REGISTRATION IN A WOODS SUMMER WONDERS CAMP means that both Parents and Campers acknowledge their agreement to fulfill the terms of this contract and be bound by its terms and conditions.