Woods Summer Wonders

 Trees are poems the earth writes upon the sky.  Kahlil Gibran

"Just a note, that of the probably sixty camps my kids have been to in their lives, this has been their favorite, favorite one....BY FAR!  We're so thrilled that they're so thrilled.  Thank you for providing this caliber of musical theater quality.  We're so grateful and delighted.  Bravo!"  

Parent of two happy campers


"My son had a wonderful time at Rock Camp last summer. He had a chance to try a new instrument (drums) and enjoyed the opportunity to play a real gig in Chapel Hill at the end of the week. My son liked the experience so much that he used his lawn-mowing money to buy a used drum set and started taking lessons from Matt and Tom (the camp instructors from last year). Rock Camp was at the top of my son's list for summer camps this year!"


Just Goes to Show Summer Camps Can Change the World! 


 "We highly recommend the Summer Wonders camps at Woods Charter School.  You can't beat the variety of programs that are offered.  Woods offers an "a la carte" approach where a camper can attend completely different types of programs in the morning and afternoon sessions.   It keeps them interested and eager to keep going back.  We can tell how much our son enjoyed the program because he started asking about next summer's camp offerings last October!"                                              

A satisfied parent (and child!)


"Our son thoroughly enjoyed the Science Detectives camp at Woods Summer Wonders.  He came home full of energy and loved to tell us all they did that day; and he eagerly looked forward to going the next day.  We will definitely be signing him up for camp again next summer."  

 Another happy family! 


 "We have had such positive experiences with the Woods Summer Wonders Camps. There are so many interesting and fun opportunities that my kids have a tough time narrowing down which to choose. We have quit stressing over waitlists with other camps because both kids can find something they enjoy at Woods and we don’t have to schlepp them to different locations. We are looking forward to this summer!"

Relieved Mom

"My daughter is entering her third year of Woods Summer camp.  The variety offered and the enrichment she gets make them a great value.  Knowing that she's learning while having fun is a perfect way to spend her summer."

 Pleased mom 

Our family loves the Woods Summer Camps, and we are back for another summer of fun this year! Where else can your child learn how to knit, write, take care of animals, and be a ninja? We also like the before and after care options. The staff at Woods have thought of it all!

This Mom Knows Variety is the Spice of Life 


We are living in Belgium right now, and [my son] is so excited to come home for the summer to experience more wonderful camps like he has during past summers.  We can't wait!!

 Temporarily Out of the Country, but Definitely Not Out of Touch!