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Act it Out!

Kids are naturally gifted in DRAMA so let’s put this gift to use! This camp will boost self-confidence, improve public speaking skills, teach children how to be part of a group and how to work within a group, improve articulation, and increase creativity. Campers will learn the fundamentals of theater, such as, voice inflection, speaking in front of an audience, improvisation, articulation, variance in tone and volume, facial expressions, appropriate gestures without exaggeration, interaction with other performers, audience awareness, and on and on….

Ages:  5-12

Registration fee: $175

After-Camp Care w/Loretta Hackney 4:00-5:00 p.m.



Boss not nice enough to let you off work every day in time to pick your camper up from Woods at 4:00 p.m.?  What's THAT about?  Did someone forget to tell him/her that it's SUMMER???  We've got a solution for you: your children can hang out & chill out with Loretta Hackney's after camp until you can pick them up!  Mrs. Hackney's ability to relate well to children of all ages is proven, and she'll offer a nice relaxing time for her after-camp kids during which entertainment options will include a variety of things ranging from artistic endeavors to academic assistance. 

Cost: $25/week*

You may also pay $5/day if you do not need before-camp care for the entire week.  Make these arrangements directly with Mrs. Hackney. 

Around the World in 5 Days!

Let’s travel, virtually! Each day we will visit a new region of the world, discovering history, language, and natural wonders. We will explore unique elements of culture and geography through crafts, games, stories, food, and music. Are you ready for an adventure?!

Ages:  5-8

Registration Fee:  $175



Before-Camp Care w/Loretta Hackney 7:45-9:00 a.m.


Do you need to drop your camper off early in order to arrive at work on time?  We have before-camp care available from 7:45-9:00 a.m. every day with Loretta Hackney.   Loretta's rapport with children is legendary, and the environment she provides is filled with light, love & laughter.

Cost: $25/week*

You may also pay $5/day if you do not need before-camp for the entire week. Make these arrangements directly with Mrs. Hackney. 

Chess Camp


Sign up for chess camp! Students will learn chess fundamentals and strategies that enhance learning skills and critical thinking. We will build confidence. Novice students and experienced players are encouraged to sign up as we will have two levels. The first day we will have an assessment at the beginning of the day. This review is simply to assign campers to appropriate groups as some already have chess experience. A great feature of chess is that we separate by current ability- age is not significantly important. You will see this at tournaments too. A first grader with experience can easy be stronger than a fourth grader just starting the game. This allows anyone that knows how to play to be competitive for their current ability level. We always encourage the kids to "Study and Practice" to improve at anything. This approach will allow them to move up in rating and compete against more challenging opponents. Each day we will try to complete two chess lessons for each ability group. In between lessons, we will be practicing with each other or having some creative chess teamed activities.

Ages:  8-14

Registration Fee:  $175

Supply Fee:  $15

Coding Kids


PLEASE CONTACT akaiyala@woodscharter.org to be put on a waiting list

Coding Kids Camp is a fun opportunity for young children to develop their computational thinking skills, build their first programs, and have lots of fun creating code. Students are introduced to basic coding concepts in a variety of ways over the course of the week. We will playing coding games, program robots, design and program games and animate stories using Scratch and Scratch Jr. After the camp, students will be able to share their projects with family and friends and continue programming at home! This camp is open to all levels of experience.

Ages:  5-8

Registration Fee:  $185

Harry Potter Adventures with Mrs. Faulkner

2019 updated games, puzzles, and adventures! New challenges await for new and returning students! Have you received your acceptance letter to our Harry Potter Camp yet? If not, sign up to join us on a magical adventure of learning and fun in Harry Potter camp with Mrs. Faulkner! Students who join will learn Quidditch and Wizard’s Chess, receive daily owls with fun notes and surprises, be sorted into fun new houses, compete for the House Cup, and so much more all while polishing up their academics in reading, writing, and math! We will be brewing magical potions with beginning chemistry lessons and will be competing in daily STEM and logic challenges to earn points for their houses! All witches and wizards 3rd through 6th grade are welcome so sign up quick before the seats of the Hogwarts Express fill up and the magic is missed until next year! Cost includes all materials and take home goodies! ** Students have the opportunity to experience the magic in either week 2 or week 3.

Ages:  8-14

Registration Fee:  $185

Supply Fee:  $20

Kids Yoga and Art Camp

In this camp, students will learn mindfulness techniques to help them emotionally regulate, build meaningful relationships, and focus on the fullness of life, all in a fun and accessible environment. Each day will include yoga, art, outdoor time, and free play while incorporating mindfulness into each activity. We will include a surprise activity each day to learn about all facets of healthy living, including a field trip, listening walks, scavenger hunts, and more.

Ages:  5-10

Registration Fee:  $185

Supply Fee:  $20

Transportation Fee:  $5

LEGO Robotics


Explore the exciting world of robotics and engineering! LEGO Robotics camp is a fun, STEM learning experience for curious and creative children. Campers will solve challenges by building and programming robots using the LEGO Mindstorm Robots. In addition to having fun, participants learn about mechanical and software design, problem solving, and teamwork skills. No experience necessary! Student teams will complete several projects and mini challenges, and will have an opportunity to design and program their own robots.

Ages: 8-14

Registration fee: $185

Little Veterinarian School: Fantastic Felines!

Adopt a pet and start your training as a veterinarian! Explore the principles of animal care to keep your cat healthy and happy. Perform a physical exam, make a cat toy, learn about common feline diseases, and discover various car breeds in this fun and educational camp. All graduates of Little Veterinarian School will receive a stuffed cat and much more.

Ages:  5-12

Registration Fee:  $200

Musical Madness (Full Day)


In five madcap days of collaboration and creativity, we will write a script with music & lyrics, create costumes and characters, build sets, and rehearse and perform our very own original musical. We will sing… we will improvise… we will imagine… maybe even dance a little! Whether you are already involved with theater or have never sung a note in your life, come create with us and be part of something brand new!

Ages: 8-12

Registration fee: $330.  (Please note: This is a full day camp)

Nature Art!

Come discover elements of art in nature! On daily hikes we will explore colors, textures, shapes, and patterns. Of course we will make our own one of a kind artistic creations inspired by and using nature itself!

Ages:  5-8

Registration Fee:  $175

Supply Fee:  $5

Scratch Code Gaming for Kids with Mrs. Faulkner

Both newbies and veterans in coding are welcome! We will have instructors present to run beginning and advanced coding lessons in this camp to match your skill level! In this coding adventure, aspiring coders create fun animated stories and games while learning essential programming concepts with Scratch. Using sprites and blocks, this drag-and-drop platform developed by MIT sets a foundation of computational thinking—an essential skill in today’s tech-driven world—by using bright visuals and engaging design. Students will write their own animated games daily and will play hands on games to help them strengthen their coding skills! Students from 3rd to 6th grade will work with Mrs. Faulkner and her team of master coding instructors to become master coders themselves! Students of all skill levels are welcome as each child will be given a custom learning plan! Come join us for lots of coding fun! ** In Session 2, campers can either begin their lessons for the first time or students who have taken our previous session in the 2nd summer session can continue their lessons and grow their skills further! 

Ages:  9-14

Registration Fee:  $185

Under the Big Top

Little Ladies and Little Gentlemen come and join Ringmaster Cole as she presents a three ring circus. Learn to train the lions to jump through hoops of fire. Join the clowns in being silly and juggling. Walk on a tight rope and learn to balance plates. Eat some circus favorites like cotton candy and make a craft or two. Who wouldn’t want to join in the fun?

Ages:  4-6

Registration Fee:  $200

Weapons Safety & Basic Competitive Pistol Shooting

PLEASE NOTE:  This camp is full, and will occur off-site.

Competitive shooting is a fun and engaging hobby and sport, shared by young and old, as well as by people of differing physical abilities. This learning experience will be geared for young, first-time shooters. Campers will learn to shoot with advanced training pistols (Sig Sauer P320-M17 Air Pistols).  Instruction will focus, first and foremost, on weapons safety and respect for the responsibilities inherent in weapons ownership & use.  Campers will also acquire knowledge & skills enabling them to safely and competitively engage in a 'Steel Challenge' style air pistol competition. Among other things, special emphasis will be placed on mastering the rules of safe weapons handling; loading; unloading; shooting stance; grip; sight picture; trigger press; target transitions; and other basic weapons handling skills. 

Ages:  11+

Registration Fee:  $200

Supply Fee:  $30



Youth Hoops is a youth basketball instruction firm offering ongoing basketball camps and clinics to kids (boys & girls) ranging in ages 6 to 14. The camps and clinics are based on a comprehensive course curriculum, which emphasizes basketball fundamentals. Such basketball fundamentals include dribbling, passing, shooting, one-on-one defense, footwork, screening and rebounding.  Using professional and portable basketball drills, kids will be able to improve their game greatly. In addition, many drills may be repeated anywhere.  The goal of our camp is to provide every camper, within a fun-filled atmosphere, the basic fundamentals necessary to play basketball. We emphasize the fundamentals. Every camper will be shown what to practice and more importantly HOW TO PRACTICE. Everyone will receive plenty of individual attention. We want each camper to be a better player when the week is over.

Registration: $195 (Note: Register directly on the Youth Hoops website--click here to be redirected to the Youth Hoops Summer Camps Registration Page)

Ages: 6+ 

Summer 2019 Schedule:

Week I:  June 24-28

AM Session (9:00-12:00)

Week II:  July 8-12

AM Session (9:00-12:00)

Week III:  July 15-19

PM Session (1:00-4:00)

Week IV:  July 22-26

AM Session (9:00-12:00)