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We are  now accepting registrations for Sessions III & IV

of our camping season.  

The dates are:

July 17-21 (Session III)

July 24-28 (Session IV)

Session II was great fun, with a highlight being the

Indoor Rock Climbing Camp

held at Triangle Rock Club!

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Here are the answers to our most:

Frequently Asked Questions

Drop-Off & Pick-Up: Please drop off your campers 10-15 minutes prior to the start time of your session (8:45 or 8:50 for morning and 12:45 or 12:50 for afternoon), although we would ask that you arrive a few minutes earlier on Monday since check-in on Day One always takes just a little bit longer. Please pick up your morning session campers at noon, and your afternoon campers at 4:00.

Please note: We invite all half-day campers registered for a given week to stay after their morning session, or come early before their afternoon session, and join us in the All Community Lunch Gathering, which is explained below. There is no additional cost for this service.

Sign-In & Out Sheets: There will be two Welcome Tables set up just inside the front doors on which you will find the sign-in/out books. The campers will be listed alphabetically by last name, with last names ending in A-K on the table on the right, and those ending in L-Z on the left. Sign your child(ren) in when you drop them off, and sign them out when you pick them up.

Pre-Camp and Post-Camp Assembly Area: Campers sit at specified tables in the Great Room (located off the main foyer) prior to the start of their session. Each assembly table will be identified by a sign with the camp name on it . The camp instructor will pick up the campers at the table just before the start of their session, and drop them back off there once the session has concluded.

Before & After Camp Care: Families that need to drop their campers off earlier may do so using Before-Camp Care with Loretta Hackney (starts @ 7:45 a.m.). Please first sign in your camper, and then walk him/her to Room #134 just opposite the steps up to the stage) where you will be greeted by Mrs. Hackney. She will bring the campers back into the Great Room at 8:55 to assemble at their Camp Tables. Families who need to pick up late (by 5:00 p.m.) should pick up their child(ren) from Room #134 and then sign them out as they leave. Please note that if your child is not picked up by 4:10 p.m., s/he will be automatically placed in After-Camp Care with Mrs. Hackney, and you will be charged $5 per day for this service.

All-Community Lunch Gathering: At noon, all campers are brought downstairs by their camp instructor to the Great Room, where we have lunch together. Campers may bring a bag lunch, or they may choose to purchase healthy a la carte lunch items from our concession. We will be offering slices of fresh pizza (cheese or pepperoni) from Papa John's Pizza for $2/each, Easy Mac, water, juice and other items for sale as the main entree, and will also have a wide variety of snack items available. Items range in cost from $0.25 for Ice Pops (our biggest seller!).  Campers will finish eating by about 12:25 and then we'll clean up and head outside to the playground or soccer field for some fun supervised physical activities (weather-permitting), or play basketball or hula hoop in the gym, until 12:55 when we'll return to the Great Room in anticipation of either the start of the afternoon session or parent pick-up.  Brand new this year is that the Ben's Hawaiian Shaved Ice truck will be here at 3:45 every Friday, so be sure to either send a minimum of $2 (for a small size) with your camper or bring a couple of dollars in cash when you pick up, so you and your child can enjoy this amazing treat before you head home!

 Medication Drop-Off and Dispensing: If your child has a medical condition that may require us to administer daily or emergency medicine, please come early on the first Monday of camp to complete the Medication Administration Form, meet with the nurse (as needed), and drop the medication off with us for storage and safekeeping.  Please email our nurse, Lori Phillips, with any questions, concerns or worries at lphillips@woodscharter.org, identifying yourself as a summer camper family and noting which session and camp your child is registered to attend.

Recommended Footwear: We strongly discourage our campers from wearing flip flops and Crocs, as experience has shown us that such unstable footwear oftentimes leads to stumbles and even falls either during camp or when engaged in the after-lunch play session. Tennis shoes or STURDY sandals -- preferably with a closed toe and a strap across the heel -- are a much safer choice, and one we hope you will opt for.

Financials: If you haven't already paid for your camps, please do so at your earliest convenience. We would ask that you be paid-in-full by the time your camps begin, and we would prefer that you not pay in person on the first Monday of camp unless absolutely necessary, given all the other distractions and pressures we are contending with on that day. 

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