Woods Summer Wonders
Class Descriptions

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After-Camp Care w/Loretta Hackney 4:00-5:00 p.m.



Boss not nice enough to let you off work every day in time to pick your camper up from Woods at 4:00 p.m.?  What's THAT about?  Did someone forget to tell him/her that it's SUMMER???  We've got a solution for you: your children can hang out & chill out with Loretta Hackney's after camp until you can pick them up!  Mrs. Hackney's ability to relate well to children of all ages is proven, and she'll offer a nice relaxing time for her after-camp kids during which entertainment options will include a variety of things ranging from artistic endeavors to academic assistance. 

Cost: $25/week*

You may also pay $5/day if you do not need before-camp care for the entire week.  Make these arrangements directly with Mrs. Hackney. 

Before-Camp Care w/Loretta Hackney 7:45-9:00 a.m.


Do you need to drop your camper off early in order to arrive at work on time?  We have before-camp care available from 7:45-9:00 a.m. every day with Loretta Hackney.   Loretta's rapport with children is legendary, and the environment she provides is filled with light, love & laughter.

Cost: $25/week*

You may also pay $5/day if you do not need before-camp for the entire week. Make these arrangements directly with Mrs. Hackney. 

Color, Paint, Mess, & Fun

This camp will be full of color and paint...we call, messy fun! (Plan on wearing clothes that you don't mind getting covered in colors.) Each day we'll be painting something new...a scene, our initial, our favorite emoji, on a canvas or board or on a pot, wood, or mason jar. Details to come, but this one will be colorful, messy, and fun. Promise.

Ages:  6-10

Registration Fee:  $185

Supply Fee:  $20

Creative Writing for Grades 2-4

Discover your creative side and find your passion for writing! Utilizing the writing process, create stories and make a book full of your imagination and fun. Create interesting, detailed sentences. Practice character, plot and setting development that will bring your stories to life. Experienced teachers Mrs. Faulkner and Mrs. Kirk, with a combined teaching experience of over 30 years, will help you master grammar and editing skills while polishing your stories. Your student will also learn from children’s book authors throughout the week to provide guidance and advice. Students will also write one piece to submit for a writing competition. Your masterpiece is waiting to be put on paper!

Ages:  7-10

Registration Fee:  $165

Driver's Education

Image result for drivers ed photos

Summer is coming, and it's a great time to get your child's Driver's Education class over and done with in anticipation of his/her obtaining their driver's license in time for Fall!

We have partnered with JORDAN DRIVING SCHOOL OF THE CAROLINAS to offer a compressed Driver's Ed class over the summer, as follows:

June 25-29, 2018

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

9:00 a.m. – 3 p.m

This course is comprised of 30-hours classroom instruction as well as six (6) hours of behind-the-wheel instruction by certified instructors, as required by the NC DMV.  This will be scheduled by Jordan,  based on the student's age (oldest to youngest).

Age Requirement:  Students must be 14-1/2 years of age as of the first day of class (6/25) to take Driver's Education

Other Reqiurements:  North Carolina requires all students to have a DMV basic eye check.  DMV will send a representative to the class to administer the basic eye check

Additional Information:  You will find additional information regarding this course here:

Cost:  Jordan Driving School of the Carolinas is offering Woods a special discounted price for this course of $375 (reduced from $395).

PLEASE NOTE:  Jordan Driving School requires a that a special registration form be completed; you will find that form here. Return it to the school office for processing. 

IMPORTANT:  We need BOTH the completed Jordan Driving School form referenced immediately above AND an online registration through this website to process your child's registration in this Driver's Ed Course:




PLEASE TAKE NOTE OF THIS LIMITATION:  Students cannot miss a single class for any reason, including illness, sporting events, out of town, etc.  On-time daily attendance is necessary to pass the course.  (The State's requirement of a minimum of 30 hours of classroom instruction is non-negotiable and inflexible!)

Additional Resource:  

North Carolina Driver's Handbook

Before a student driver can apply for a NC driver's license, they'll need to prepare for the written test by studying the traffic rules and regulations in North Carolina.

All of this information is found in the North Carolina Driver's Handbook (REV 2015)—a comprehensive guide to driving in the state. Topics covered in the DMV handbook include:

  • Defensive driving techniques.
  • NC driver's license exams.
  • Basic driving skills.
  • Driving under hazardous conditions.
  • Traffic signals, signs, and pavement markings.
  • Vehicle registration and titling.
  • Required vehicle inspections in North Carolina.
  • Registering as an organ donor.
Fairies, Wizards, & Dragons, Oh My!

A camp full of imaginative play and creating cool mythical objects to fulfill those creative child play fantasies. Everything from fairy skirts and wizard wands to capes, painted rocks, a take-home fairy/woodland garden. We'll be playing with dirt and plants. Fun!

Ages:  6-10

Registration Fee:  $185

Supply Fee:  $20

Handcraft Your Own Metal Jewelry


Examples of the lovely metal jewelry that can be created!

This class will show students the possibilities of handcrafting your own metal jewelry while exploring the idea of creating a small business. Campers will sketch ideas in their own sketch books, practice using tools and handing metal before creating several pieces of copper jewelry, including a pendant, ring and earrings. There will be a trip to a local jeweler's studio, where we’ll speak with a professional jeweler and see her creations. At the end of the week, we’ll set up our own jewelry store to display students handcrafted pieces and business names for parents and visitors.

Ages:  9-14

Registration fee:  $200

Supply fee:  $25

Transportation fee:  $5

Hubcap Art


Campers will learn the importance of recycling items into art using old hubcaps and other objects.

Ages:  10+

Registration Fee:  $200

Supply Fee:  $25


I Wanna Sing Disney!


This active camp will involve participants in lots of singing, crafts, snacks, playing ukulele, and dressing up in Disney costumes. What could be more fun?! Each day campers will be creating Disney themed crafts and sharing in Disney themed snacks. We will finish the week by making a music video of our favorite songs.

Ages: 5-12

Registration fee:  $165

Supply fee:  $25

Learn to Build: Intro to Wood Shop

Your imagination and ability to think on your feet are the best tools you can have when working on projects. This camp will give you the knowledge to work with basic hand tools. We will learn the proper way to assemble wood projects and you will have something useful to take with you once you finish.

Ages:  8+

Registration Fee:  $185

Supply Fee:  $25

Little Medical School: Discovering the Human Body!

At Little Medical School, we understand kids love to dress up and play doctor. That’s why we’ve created a fun and exciting program to help elementary school aged students explore the world of medicine. Our small classes are led by a trained instructor who can assist each child individually as well as groups. Through interactive learning, kids will discover how the body and organs work, how to use medical instruments, administer first aid and even tie knots like a real surgeon. Each child will receive a working stethoscope to take home and a diploma as a graduate of the Little Medical School® after completion of the course.

Ages:  5-10

Registration Fee:  $185

Little Nursing and Little Pharmacy School

Little Nursing and Little Pharmacy School allows one-of-a-kind opportunity for students to immerse themselves in the fascinating field of Nursing and Pharmacy. This course inspires imagination and passion by exploring diverse topics such as pharmaceutical emergencies, blood, broken bones, how to take vital signs, and much more. Graduates of this course will take home a mortar/pestle and penlight.

Ages:  5-10

Registration Fee:  $185

Musical Madness (Full Day)


In five madcap days of collaboration and creativity, we will write a script with music & lyrics, create costumes and characters, build sets, and rehearse and perform our very own original musical. We will sing… we will improvise… we will imagine… maybe even dance a little! Whether you are already involved with theater or have never sung a note in your life, come create with us and be part of something brand new!

Ages: 8-12

Registration fee: $330.  (Please note: This is a full day camp)

Project Funway Fashion Creation

Intently sewing!

Campers will design their own garment line using fashion sketches, which they will brand with their own company name.  They will then create a fun clothing item, learning to use a simple pattern. They will also learn to use a sewing machine to sew their piece. A field trip to Jo-Ann Fabric will enable the students to select their own special fabric and trims, and a visit from a real world fashion designer will give them a glimpse into that profession.  During the final class, students will be able to introduce their fashion lines and model their unique creations!

Ages:  9+

Registration fee:  $165

Supply fee:  $25

Transportation fee:  $5

Spy Camp - Secret Agent Training

Campers will learn what it means to be as spy. Each day they will receive new challenges and will create gadgets to help them along the way. This is an action packed camp filled with puzzles, secret messages and building projects.

Ages:  6-12

Registration Fee:  $185


The Science Olympics! Come Join The STEM Fun!

The Science Olympics! Who Will Take The Championship? Welcome to the Science Olympics! Students in this camp will compete to win the Science Olympics Cup by competing in various STEM projects throughout the week! Students will be building structures like bean stalks of index cards, pasta towers, duct tape boats, and more! Does your child know how to make the best army man slingshot or the best windmill using K’NEX? Students will be learning various scientific principles throughout the week and will have lots of hands-on fun! Sign up today to give your future scientist the best week of his or her summer! Who will win the Cup? Cost includes all materials and take home goodies!

Ages:  8-12

Registration Fee:  $185

Star Wars Jedi


Calling all Star Wars fans! Campers will make costumes and engage in all kinds of Star Wars crafts like like light sabers, lego builds and fun with a green screen. Snacks and crafts are Star Wars themed too. Jedi games and movies will keep everyone happy. Each day campers will leave knowing THE FORCE IS WITH YOU.

Ages: 5-12*

Registration Fee: $165

Supply Fee: $25

*Instructor is flexible with the minimum age based on child's camp-readiness; contact akaiyala@woodscharter.org for more information.


Survivor!  Where campers engage in challenges and competitions in the spirit of fun and development. Teamwork and perseverance will be communicated and learned as campers grow individual and team building skills with each challenge. We emphasize values such as good character and sportsmanship that will carry into the action packed fun exploring, investigating, and navigating of different challenges! Come join us as you out-wit, out-weigh, out-laugh, and out-fun at the Woods Survivor Camp.

Ages:  6-12

Registration Fee:  $200

Supply Fee:  $25

Wilderness Survival Camp

Do your kids like getting dirty, playing in the woods, or having adventures? Of course they do! Prepare your child for their next adventure by sending them to train with us in "Survival Camp". The areas top instructors will lead your children through a week of wilderness exploration as they learn about survival shelter construction, camouflage skills, fire safety, navigation, lost proofing, and problem solving. They will get lots of exercise while they experience the natural world around them. This camp is perfect for kids who already spend a lot of time outdoors and for the one's who could use a little more time outside. Side benefits of this camp include a sense of self reliance, importance of teamwork, leadership training, and a sense of appreciation for the things that they have. Check out Quest Center's website here: http://chquestcenter.com/

Ages: 8-14 

Registration fee: $185

Woods Soccer Minis


We will train to enhance each child's skills.The camp is designed for the recreational soccer player whether they are a first year player or a seasoned veteran. The day by day practice/programming is based on skill building through fun games with a focus on a positive environment. Each day campers will learn something different techniques and tactics to add to their current skill level.   All campers will receive a t-shirt.

Ages: 5-12

Registration fee: $200

Supply fee: $25 



Youth Hoops is a youth basketball instruction firm offering ongoing basketball camps and clinics to kids (boys & girls) ranging in ages 6 to 14. The camps and clinics are based on a comprehensive course curriculum, which emphasizes basketball fundamentals. Such basketball fundamentals include dribbling, passing, shooting, one-on-one defense, footwork, screening and rebounding.  Using professional and portable basketball drills, kids will be able to improve their game greatly. In addition, many drills may be repeated anywhere.  The goal of our camp is to provide every camper, within a fun-filled atmosphere, the basic fundamentals necessary to play basketball. We emphasize the fundamentals. Every camper will be shown what to practice and more importantly HOW TO PRACTICE. Everyone will receive plenty of individual attention. We want each camper to be a better player when the week is over.

Registration: $185 (Note: Register directly on the Youth Hoops website--click here to be redirected to the Youth Hoops Summer Camps Registration Page)

Ages: 6+ 

Summer 2018 Schedule:

Week I:  June 25-29

AM Session (9:00-12:00)

Week II:  July 9-13

AM Session (9:00-12:00)

Week III:  July 16-20

AM Session (9:00-12:00)

Week IV:  July 24-28

PM Session (1:00-4:00)