Woods Summer Wonders
Little Medical School: Discovering the Human Body!
Olive Lamm, MD (Little Medical School)
Woods Charter School (map and directions)
Mon - Fri, 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
06/25/18 (1 week)


At Little Medical School, we understand kids love to dress up and play doctor. That’s why we’ve created a fun and exciting program to help elementary school aged students explore the world of medicine. Our small classes are led by a trained instructor who can assist each child individually as well as groups. Through interactive learning, kids will discover how the body and organs work, how to use medical instruments, administer first aid and even tie knots like a real surgeon. Each child will receive a working stethoscope to take home and a diploma as a graduate of the Little Medical School® after completion of the course.

Ages:  5-10

Registration Fee:  $185

Upcoming Meetings
06/25/18    9:00 AM Monday 06/25/18 9:00 AM
06/26/18    9:00 AM Tuesday 06/26/18 9:00 AM
06/27/18    9:00 AM Wednesday 06/27/18 9:00 AM
06/28/18    9:00 AM Thursday 06/28/18 9:00 AM
06/29/18    9:00 AM Friday 06/29/18 9:00 AM