Woods Summer Wonders
Carmen Wood and Dena Floyd
Woods Charter School (map and directions)
Mon - Fri, 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM
06/25/18 (1 week)


Survivor!  Where campers engage in challenges and competitions in the spirit of fun and development. Teamwork and perseverance will be communicated and learned as campers grow individual and team building skills with each challenge. We emphasize values such as good character and sportsmanship that will carry into the action packed fun exploring, investigating, and navigating of different challenges! Come join us as you out-wit, out-weigh, out-laugh, and out-fun at the Woods Survivor Camp.

Ages:  6-12

Registration Fee:  $200

Supply Fee:  $25

Upcoming Meetings
06/25/18    1:00 PM Monday 06/25/18 1:00 PM
06/26/18    1:00 PM Tuesday 06/26/18 1:00 PM
06/27/18    1:00 PM Wednesday 06/27/18 1:00 PM
06/28/18    1:00 PM Thursday 06/28/18 1:00 PM
06/29/18    1:00 PM Friday 06/29/18 1:00 PM